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Work Experience







  • ​Project manager of the help content design and deployment project for a major feature redesign.

  • Led content strategy and design for multiple products.

  • Strategic content design for in-product messaging through Pendo including user feedback requests, product walkthroughs, feature announcements, surveys, prototype displays, and user community engagement.

  • Developed content design system patterns and guidelines.

  • Collaborated with customer care, sales, training, and product marketing teams across the organization to build cohesive user-facing messaging strategies. 

End-to-end product and content design across multiple products. Responsible for building efficient practical content solutions focused on sustainability, comprehensive information architecture, user needs, and user friction points. Designed content strategies tailored to users’ unique needs while supporting the organization’s goals. Worked with leadership to build content strategies that fit within the product design roadmap. Created presentations of work products to promote awareness of content contributions within the design team, among stakeholders, and across the greater organization. Incorporated user data and research to develop effective content strategies and measure KPIs. Worked with the content team to define content patterns and practices. Maintained content frameworks in the content design system and contributed content guidelines for new components being added to the design system. Worked cross-functionally with communications specialists across the organization to align on user-facing communications and promote cohesive, trustworthy messaging to our users and build brand identity.


  • ​Strategic content and information architecture design for a go-to-market credit card release.

  •  Redesign of the account deletion, onboarding, and buy flows.

  • Built a collaborative network with writers across the organization.

  • Designed transactional emails and built an internal structure for tracking, documenting, and organizing transactional emails from teams across the organization.

Strategic product, content, and information architecture design. Collaborated with UX designers, product development teams, and other stakeholders to provide user-focused content solutions for mobile and web app interfaces. Developed content patterns and components to deliver a consistent brand voice. Maintained content standards in tandem with marketing and customer service content writers while developing best practices for both internal and external communications. Developed a content delivery system to streamline deliverables and improve content integrity with research, insights, and competitive analysis. Worked with the UX Content team to create intuitive, sustainable content structures in anticipation of future user and business goals.


  • Owned internal and external communication across the organization.

  • Strategic branding and content development for feature releases, brand partnerships with Snap Chat, Disney, and Apple, marketing and user acquisition campaigns.

  • Built campaign assets for iOS App Store and Google Play Store features. Redesign of the account deletion, onboarding, and buy flows.

  • Conducted consumer and competitor research studies to launch a strategic repositioning of brand identity and communication strategy.

  • Designed in-product content for new features and collaborated with engineering and design teams on visual design development.

  • Optimized app store assets including short text and long text descriptions, screenshots, SEO keywords, app titles, and videos to encourage lifts in downloads and usage in targeted GEOs

  • Collaborated with marketing to ideate, design, and test marketing strategies.

Strategic brand positioning and full-cycle copywriting, including research, planning, iterations, and cross-team collaboration. Planning and execution of branding strategies for GTM feature releases including, but not limited to in-app asset design, blogs, internal and external communication, video scripts, social posts, and feature branding. Strategic app store optimization and brand positioning. Designed app titles, short descriptions, long descriptions, screenshots, and preview videos for Google Play and the App Store. Early lifecycle positioning and branding for UA and reactive assets featured on socials and Google UAC. Brand ASO positioning and strategy for global markets. Ongoing competitive research and analysis. Other projects include copy for event launches, in-app communications, press releases, and blogs. Collaboration with other marketing teams and product, creative, social, and community teams.


  • Designed and managed strategic content plans for 60+ clients.

  • Designed weekly analytic reports to evaluate client marketing strategies and illustrate the firm's value add.

  • Designed B2B sales content in the form of ebooks, blogs, emails, ad copy, seminar content, brochures, and white papers to promote growth for the start-up firm

  • Managed social media accounts for 60+ clients.

  • Designed and deployed training content for client staff to improve customer experiences

  • Designed landing page content.

  • Full cycle content marketing for 60+ physical medicine, chiropractic, dental, and medispa clients.

Owned internal and external content design and strategy for a start-up digital marketing firm. Responsible for content creation, analytics monitoring, proofing and quality control, strategic branding and communication planning, SEO writing, medical research and writing, and project management.

Including but not limited to: asset design, content design, strategic copy planning for web and landing pages, social media management, internal corporate communications, ad copy, brand building, project management, and account management.

Content Designer

Industry | Application Software

Content Designer

Industry | Fintech

Brand Designer

Industry | Mobile Entertainment

Content Designer

Industry | Healthcare

Freelance Projects

Content Designer



Southern New Hampshire University | Bachelor’s Degree

Bachelor of Arts – English-Creative Writing  – Magna Cum Laude Honors Graduate


Google | Professional Certificate

Google UX Design Professional Certificate


Vanderbilt University | Professional Certificate

Prompt engineering for ChatGPT


Product Management Professional Certificate



Product Analytics Professional Certificate


& Expertise

  • Product design

  • Content design

  • Information architecture

  • Product analytics

  • Brand design

  • Technical documentation

  • Technical writing

  • User experience design

  • User experience research

  • Prototyping

  • User testing

  • Strategic content creation

  • Full-cycle user journey communication

  • Brand positioning and communication strategy

  • App store optimization, positioning, and strategy

  • Keyword research and optimization

  • Go-to-Market communication strategy​

  • HTML

  • CSS

  • Adobe Creative Suite, Google, Microsoft, Figma, Zendesk, Pendo, Jira, and Confluence

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