• Kanyla Wilson

Generate More Leads with a Strategic Twitter DM Content Plan

Twitter DMs are bursting with opportunities for small businesses and emerging brands looking for budget-friendly ways to reach their audience. Have you designed your Twitter DM content plan?

Benefits of Twitter DM Marketing

Twitter is rich with marketing potential; Twitter users view ads over 25% longer than users on other social media platforms and are over 50% more likely to take a chance on new products and services. With Twitter engagement on the rise, smart brands are creating strong content strategies to reach their audience on Twitter, and successful brands are adding a results-focused Twitter DM strategy to their plan for optimal reach on the platform.

Twitter DM marketing enhances your audience's interaction with your brand with an extra layer of personal connection. DM messaging creates a 1-on-1 conversation and silences the rapid movement of the Twitter timeline to deliver an uninterrupted, focused message. Direct message campaigns can help you take followers who are already interested in your content to turns them into warm leads. Twitter users click-through on Twitter DM messages at 30% more than email messaging, making the DM tool another low-cost option to reach your target market and increase conversions.

What Content Should I Add to My Twitter DM Strategy?

Content possibilities for Twitter DMs are endless, but as with email content, you want to build direct messages that are high in value with minimal fluff. Excessive, empty messages will not only get you blocked from sending messages to the user, but it will probably get you unfollowed as well. Twitter users are easily annoyed with spammy behavior, so pare down your content strategy to essential messages only.

Here are a few topic ideas for your Twitter DM content:

  • Promote new products, services, and freebies

  • Increase awareness with messages about important brand changes and updates

  • Offer DM recipients exclusive offers

  • Provide high-value content about your brand and products

Twitter Direct Messaging Basics

Twitter direct messages can be up to 10k characters, and you can also include pictures, videos, and GIFs to enhance your message. The type of direct messages you send will vary based on your content strategy, but here are a few options available for you:

Default Welcome Direct Messages

Default messages can be a gift and a curse for brands new to Twitter DM marketing. Sending a message immediately to a new follower is a great introduction to your brand and an instant connection but, a poorly crafted message can come across flat and robotic. Three fast hard rules to crafting a successful default welcome message are:

  • Keep it short, don’t weigh down the new connection with excess copy and too much information

  • Offer something of value. Never send a default welcome message just to say “Hi!” Your direct message needs a call-to-action with a strong pull to get users interested. Inviting them to visit your website or sign up for your email list isn’t strong enough. Offer up a freebie or a discount as a thank you for reading the message.

  • It’s not all about you. In addition to your strong call to action, you need to express interest in the person reading your message. Humanize your brand and your communication by asking open-ended questions about your new follower. Think about the problem your product or service solves and craft a question that encourages conversation. Users who respond to your welcome DM are engaged and interested in furthering communication; their responses are valuable data, so don’t take them for granted.

Setting up default direct Twitter messages is easy and free with these social media management tools.

Scheduled Twitter DMs

You can schedule DM marketing messages with tools like Hootsuite and Crowdfire to continue your DM content strategy after your default welcome message. Target specific groups of followers (or all of them) and craft messages to engage and inspire action.

Deep Link DMs

The deep link feature makes it easier for users to move conversations from the public timeline to a private direct message. You can include deep links to direct messages in your tweets by following these instructions from Twitter here. This feature is great for customer service and customized audience engagement.

Direct Message Cards

For promoted tweets and video, you can add direct message cards for users to link directly to a private DM chat. This feature expands your DM content reach to users who don’t follow you and generates motivated leads for your brand.

Utilizing Twitter DM for content marketing boosts your social media content marketing reach and improves your ability to reach and communicate with your target audience.

Are you ready to maximize your Twitter presence? Contact me today to discuss your Twitter DM content strategy.